Nosema und Neonicotinoide

Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011 | Autor: Bernhard

Und wieder ist eine Studie erschienen (Juli 2011), welche die synergistischen Effekte von Neonicotinoiden und Nosema aufzeigt: Erhöhte Sterblichkeit der Honigbienen.

Exposure to Sublethal Doses of Fipronil and Thiacloprid Highly Increases Mortality of Honeybees Previously Infected by Nosema ceranae

After exposure to sublethal doses of fipronil or thiacloprid a higher mortality was observed in N. ceranae-infected honeybees than in uninfected ones. The synergistic effect of N. ceranae and insecticide on honeybee mortality, however, did not appear strongly linked to a decrease of the insect detoxification system. These data support the hypothesis that the combination of the increasing prevalence of N. ceranae with high pesticide content in beehives may contribute to colony depopulation.

Untersucht wurden Fipronil und Thiacloprid.

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